Leader Tatjana Kurajica

With this motif, the Mixed Choir of the Society began singing in 1996.

In all these years, under the artistic direction of Professor Tatjana Kurajica, he successfully progressed, grew and delighted listeners at home and abroad with his choral song and positive spirit.

The choir is the most numerous section of SKD Triglav Split and one of the main bearers of the cultural activities of the association.

The number of singers has changed over the years, currently counting 26 singers of different ages. They are united by love and joy of singing, they are connected by beautiful moments of socializing and friendship.

The varied repertoire includes Slovenian folk, artistic and spiritual compositions, evergreens, and popular Dalmatian songs, which are enthusiastically listened to in their native Slovenia.

The choir has traditionally participated in the magazine Primorska poje and the Camp of Choirs in Šentvid near Stična for all these years.