History of society

SKD Triglav was founded on May 9, 1992. The first and long-term president was Boštjan Matjaž Kordiš.
There were 350 founding members, today there are about 250 active members.
After many relocations, the society finally settled in suitable, beautiful premises in Kman. The association is a member of the umbrella organization of the Association of Slovenian Societies in Croatia.

Triglav connects Slovenes in Split, its surroundings and in Croatia, encourages mutual acquaintance and socializing, strengthens and establishes social and cultural ties with Slovenia and the environment in which it operates.

It preserves and strengthens Slovene self-confidence, identity, Slovene language, nurtures customs, cultural heritage and cultural-historical values.
It provides various forms of assistance, provides important information, organizes cultural, scientific and professional meetings, participates in forums, events and other forms of socializing.

With theater, music, folklore and dance events, exhibitions, literary evenings, lectures, he encourages and develops Slovenian cultural activity, attaches it to his environment and thus enriches and ennobles it.