The library of the Slovenian Cultural Society Triglav Split is rich in the number of titles it contains, as well as in the amount of love with which it is created. Over 3700 titles are available.

We were happy to give the titles, which were in several copies, to the loyal members of the society, and most of the books went to the Slovenian society in Sarajevo.

The content of the books is very different, as everything from children’s coloring books to very professional books can be found here.

There are many travelogues, so you can find something in almost every place in Slovenia about which something has been printed in our library. For fans of fiction, the choice is very large, both for youth books and for adults.

No books were purchased from the society’s funds, all were donated, mostly from members of the Slovene community in Croatia, and some from the authors themselves, who performed at Slovene literary evenings organized by SKD Triglav.

The books are mostly in Slovene, many books are also in other languages, especially Croatian.

Listed and computer-cataloged books are neatly stacked on the shelves. There is no membership fee, no loan, no limited time to return the books. Many times, however, it happens that someone borrows two books and returns three.