Let the end be beautiful
On an educational excursion in front of the Postojna Cave
World traveler Alma Karlin
At Ita Rina's house
Always at Prešeren in Ljubljana
Hanging out with the ambassador
City of Celje
At the marathon in Split, President Pahor gladly greets our Ana
Culturally in the Museum of the City of Split
Performance of the excellent Mario Krnić in front of a full hall
Wife Šušmelj
With our mayor
Vinko Modendorfer
Klis Fortress
Maja Gal Štromar, Mitja Simić, Mia Cotić, Slovenian Cultural Holiday
Pipi Long Stocking
Pre-holiday performances in a nursing home
Kekci, students of Slovenian language teaching in Split, visit President Borut Pahor.
Slovenian cultural holiday
20. years MePZ Triglav Split
Visit of Minister Gorazd Žmavac to the association's premises
Vlado Vlado Kreslin from Mura to the sea
The first president is Boštjan Matjaž Kordiš
Among us is the Minister for Slovenes Abroad, Ljudmila Novak
Our mountaineers on Triglav. Oh, Triglav, my home!
We introduced ourselves to the listeners on KL Eurodom radio during the year
Branko Roglić becomes the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia in Split
The former Gorenje space will be our new home
With our dear Neža Maurer
The Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Croatia A.P. Bekes
Morača Souček
20 years with a song
Delegation from Ljubljana for the first time in Split when the association was founded
The Slovenian association Triglav Split was founded