With fond memories

From his new homeland, distant America, Igor Komlenović, the grandson of our first president Boštjan Matjaž Kordiš, brought his beautiful wife Natalie to his hometown across the ocean.

With all his heart and pride, Igor wanted to show Natalie the company that grew in the diligent and creative hands of his grandfather. Natalie visited our premises with immense warmth and sincere interest, where we could revive memories of the times when Boštjan was with us, talk about the foundations he built into the operation with great zeal, altruism and love. and the progress of the Society. They both listened with joy and nostalgia to words of praise for Slovenes, Slovene society and its esteemed president. Igor also remembered learning Slovenian and traditional celebrations on Slovenian holidays, and he was very happy to hear that his grandmother was still a cheerful and positive member of society, and at the same time a hard-working student of the Slovenian language.

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